Stovepipe No. 1

Category: Artist
Time period: Pre-WWII

Date nominated: Apr 9, 2010
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One of the greatest jug players wasn't a jug player at all, but Samuel Jones used the same technique in playing his stovepipe. His early recordings were done in one-man-band style, with guitar, voice, harmonica and stovepipe, and included virtuoso performances on songs like "Fisher's Hornpipe" and "Cripple Creek." When he recorded later with King David's Jug Band, he was able to focus all his energy on the stovepipe, and the results are stunning.


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Name Instruments Birth Death
Samuel Jones a.k.a. "Stovepipe No. 1" Guitar, Harmonica, Jug


Title Recorded  
A Chicken Can Waltz the Gravy Around 04/25/27 St. Louis, MO