About the Site

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Nomination guidelines

Any registered member can add a nominee to the site, but nominees may be removed if they do not follow these guidelines:

  1. Nominee has contributed to the development and promotion of the jug band genre.
  2. Nominee has done so under his or her own name. Members of bands are not eligible unless they also performed as solo artists.
  3. Jug band music is defined as music that incorporates homemade or inexpensive (e.g., kazoo) instruments.

When you write the description for a nominee, please aim for these goals:

  1. Tell us why your nominee is significant. Provide specific examples or put the nominee's contributions into context.
  2. Create original content. Don't simply copy and paste from another website.
  3. Provide citations. If you're stating specific historical facts, especially if the information is uncertain or controversial, let us know where you found it so others can research further if needed.

Voting requirements

Members are expected to provide objective assessments when they rate nominees. To help ensure objectivity, this privilege is reserved for members who have done any of the following:

  1. Play in a jug band
  2. Organize or promote jug band performances or events
  3. Broadcast or publish jug band music or information

You will be asked to explain how you meet these requirements when you register. If you do not supply this information when you register, you can submit a request later by visiting your profile page and updating the Voter Qualifications field.

Induction process

On September 1 of each year, we will select the three highest-ranked Artist nominees plus the top-ranked Patron and Institution and classify them as inductees. Nominees in all three categories must be rated by a minimum of 5 members to be eligible.

Inductees will be announced on this site shortly after, and new inductees will be recognized at the National Jug Band Jubilee in Louisville each September.

Steering committe

The following members are responsible for the design and operation of this site:

arlotone (moderator)