Will Shade

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Time period: Post-WWII

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Will Shade, a.k.a. Son Brimmer, is best known as the leader of the Memphis Jug Band, which recorded commercially from 1927-1934, but he was rediscovered and recorded several times in the 1950's and 60's. Along with field recordings by George Mitchell, Don Hill and Dave Mangurian, and the Swedish Broadcasting Company, he played washboard on the album Gus Cannon recorded for Stax, Walk Right In, to commercialize on the Rooftop Singers version of that song. Shade remained at the center of the Memphis jug band scene, assembling bands for various gigs until his death from pneumonia in 1966.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Will Shade a.k.a. "Son Brimmer" Guitar, Harmonica, Jug, Voice 02/05/98 Memphis, TN 09/18/66 Memphis, TN


Title Recorded  
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