Cliff Edwards

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Time period: Pre-WWII

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Nobody embodies the novelty / hot jazz of the ’20’s more than Cliff Edwards. Nicknamed “Ukulele Ike”, he was responsible for the popularity of the ukulele and also developed a falsetto scat singing style called ‘Effin’ that closely resembles kazoo solos of the time. He was a member of Fred Ozark’s Jug Blowers from 1924, a novelty kazoo group that didn’t have a jug player but did trade on the idea of rural folk playing jugs.

Cliff had great success in Vaudeville, and sold 74 million records. In 1928, he had a #1 hit with “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” where he sang, played ukulele, and blew a sweet jug solo, marking the only #1 hit song featuring a jug solo.



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