Dirdy Birdies Jug Band

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World's Most Dangerous Jug Band

Formed in the spring of 1965, on the campus of Montclair State College in New Jersey, THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND was originally intended to perform for only two appearances at the annual Spring Carnival Weekend. However, the response to the performances was so encouraging, and the members of the group found performing so enjoyable and invigorating, that they decided to continue performing throughout their college years and beyond.

For the next seven years, THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND increased their repertoire, sharpened their stage performance, and expanded their circle of performing venues to include many of the more prestigious folk clubs in Greenwich Village, NY: Gerde's Folk City; The Bitter End; The Village Barn; The Red Garter; and The Cafe Wha?

In addition, THE DIRDY BIRDIES JUG BAND also performed at many colleges in the area, including Seton Hall, Trenton State, SUNY- Farmingdale, University of Delaware, Centenary, Hofstra, Jersey City State and NYU, both in concert and coffee house venues. During this period, the band opened for such name acts as The Blues Magoos, The Royal Guardsmen, The Union Gap, Josh White, Jr., John Hammond, and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

They continue to perform today.

visit them at http://www.birdies.org



Name Instruments Birth Death
Joe Bell a.k.a. "Bob Ferapples" Guitar, Voice 10/22/04 NY
Jeff Bleeke a.k.a. "Bruno Grozniak" Guitar, Voice
Barbara Brummer (OB) a.k.a. "Anna Conda" Voice, Washtub Bass East Rutherford, NJ
Rich Fedorchak (OB Emeritus) a.k.a. "Guano Pyle" Kazoo, Voice Garfield, NJ
Clarence Ferrari Fiddle
Dick Finn (OB Emeritus) a.k.a. "Chuck Wagon" Banjo
Rick Gedney a.k.a. "O. Tannenbaum" Banjo, Mandolin, Voice
Bill Huber a.k.a. "Duke Komonaleia" Fiddle 04/17/99
Rex Hunt a.k.a. "Cliff Dweller" Banjo Orange, NJ
Joe Kloza (OB) a.k.a. "Fender McT-Bird" Harmonica, Kazoo, Voice, Washboard Passaic, NJ
Tony Muller (OB Emeritus) a.k.a. "T.M. Bear" Guitar
Jack Pignatello (OB) a.k.a. "Ben Dover" Jug, Kazoo, Voice Newark, NJ


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