Wahoo Skiffle Crazies

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Time period: Present day

Date nominated: Apr 12, 2010
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Balancing relevancy with absurdity, Wahoo Skiffle Crazies offer post-modern, time-traveling, Gonzo-Folk traditional jug band tunes, ragtime, protest songs, blues and Steampunk originals, influenced by the 60s folk revival and Depression Era Americana (both).
Born in the middle of the last Bush Administration, the band cut its teeth on protest folk and busking around town with an arsenal of rags, rhymes, and blues. Last year, the band?s single, ?Which Side Are You On,? (a reworking of the old Labor song into a political anthem) was featured on an album titled, ?Jugs Across America!: A Modern Jug Band Compilation,? produced by Whiskey for Breakfast Records with creative and selective input from Jim Kweskin.
In 2007, the band was honored to play THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE CAMPFIRE FESTIVAL at the celebrated CLUB PASSIM in Cambridge, Mass., which gave the Wahoos a great sense of folk legitimacy.
They are currently recording a live studio album titled, ?Songs For The Next Great Depression,? due out in the Summer of 2010.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Laura Bruij-Williams Harmonica, Voice, Washboard
Carl Gallagher Banjo, Voice
Dan Gallagher Washtub Bass
Brian McGowan Saw, Voice
Rachel Somma Voice
Chris Sorrentino Jug, Voice
Frank Williams Ukulele, Voice
Rob Yuzuk a.k.a. "Dogwood Jefferson" Guitar, Kazoo, Voice


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