Sheesham & Lotus

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Sheesham Crow (Teilhard Frost) and Lotus Whyte (Sam Allison) were the washboard and doghouse bass players for the old time group from Buckhorn called Flapjack. When the group disbanded, they went on to perform as a duo and have relocated to Wolf Island near Kingston, Ontario.
These two men; or as some describe, apparitions, at once are a flowing part of a musical whole that envelopes them when they perform. Where song, sound, and human presence become one all-encompassing, sensuous experience.
Sheesham and Lotus perform concerts, workshops and lectures in the Old-Time Arts at folk camps, festivals, schools, universities and colleges across North America. Flatfoot buck-dance, jaw-harp, harmonica duets, fiddle and banjo, hambone hand-jive, crooked fiddle tunes, fretless and gourd banjos. Minstrel tunes, spoons and bones.

Teilhard is also the builder of Frost Gourd Banjos.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Sam Allison a.k.a. "Lotus Whyte" Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Jug, Upright Bass, Voice
Teilhard Frost a.k.a. "Sheesham Crow" Banjo, Fiddle, Harmonica, Voice, Washboard


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