Washboard Hank

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Washboard Hank has been an obscure legend of Hillbilly Junk Jazz for more than 40 years. Back in the 70s he toured the streets of North America with his pal Reverend Ken and together they created a whole new genre of music " punk bluegrass gospel" they would heal appliances and pass the collection plate while developing a style that was totally unforgetable. The show expanded to become Reverend Ken and the Lost Followers a full tilt five piece party band.

By the late 80's Hank struck out on his own with his band the Honkers a less punk and more country combo that featured more of Hank's original compositions like Polester Poly Lit a Tire Fire in My Heart that were recorded on his Donkeys and Tire Fires C.D.

Since then there have been three more C.D.s Hoorah for Washboard Hank, Big Fun for Kids and the brand new disc Sweet Mysteries of Life. Presently Hank tours Western Canada with his pal Lance Loree and plays around Ontario with The Gravestone Lickers.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Dave a.k.a. "Diamond Dave" Upright Bass
Dennis DeLorme a.k.a. "Rev. Rutabaga" Banjo, Guitar
Hank Fisher a.k.a. "Washboard Hank" Banjo, Guitar, Kazoo, Voice, Washboard
Lance Loree Guitar, Voice
Clayton Yates Guitar, Mandolin, Voice


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