The Muddy Basin Ramblers

Category: Artist
Time period: Present day

Date nominated: Dec 5, 2023
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Formed in 2002 in Taipei, Taiwan. The Ramblers have produced four full length albums consisting of mostly original jug band music.

Their 2nd and 3rd albums were nominated for the Grammy awards in the best recording package category.

The Ramblers continue to play all around Southeast Asia to this day.



Name Instruments Birth Death
David Chen Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Voice
Tim Hogan a.k.a. "Thumper" Voice, Washboard
TC Lin Tuba, Washtub Bass
Cristina Paradise Clarinet, Fiddle, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, Washtub Bass
Zach Paradise Banjo, Guitar, Kazoo, Nose Whistle, Ukulele, Voice, Washboard, Washtub Bass
Conor Prunty a.k.a. "Red Man" Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Ukulele, Voice
Will Thelin a.k.a. "Slim" Jug, Kazoo, Voice


Title Recorded  
A Rambler's Blues Taipei
As you lay me Down to Sleep Taipei
Banana-Nap Taipei
Beer Drinking Woman and a UFO Taipei
Betel Nut Road Taipei
China Doll Taipei
Coolie's Song (Sons of the South China Sea) Taipei
Corrina Taipei
Delia Green Taipei
Dharma Train Taipei
Fear not the Ocean Taipei
Free China Taipei
Green River Taipei
Honey Babe (Ballad of a Con-Woman) Taipei
Immigrant Song (Ballad of Carlos Bulosan) Taipei
Island Love Song #3 (I'm in Love with a Betel Nut Girl) Taipei
Island Love Song No. 1 (Nakashi Blues) Taipei
Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho Taipei
Juanita Taipei
Jug Band Millionaire Taipei
Jug Band Millionaire '23 Taipei
Ke Bu Ke Yi Wen Ni Yi Ge Wen Ti? Taipei
Medicine Show Song Taipei
Mosquito Bop Taipei
Mysterioso Taipei
New Sweet Potato Blues Taipei
Okinawa Mama Taipei
Quantum Reel Taipei
Running Wild Taipei
Shake it by the Betel Nut Tree (Betel Nut Calypso, feat. Fish Lin) Taipei
Sparrow Blues (for Sleepy John) Taipei
Speed of Light Taipei
Storm Calling Taipei
Tanglefoot Taipei
Telepgraph Taipei
Temple Blues Taipei
Tower of Babble Taipei
Typhoon Sue Taipei
Zen Beat Rag Taipei