Bill Hinkley

Category: Artist
Time period: Present day

Date nominated: May 19, 2010
Date inducted: Sep 1, 2016
Ratings: 10
Average rating: 3.91

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Bill is an institution in Minneapolis. He has played with the Sorry Muthas and countless other bands, many of which have won the coveted Waffle Iron at the International Battle of the Jug
Bands, an event which he and others started. He has appeared on A Prairie Home Companion many times and was in the movie. A master of 4 instruments, a vocal and instrumental arranger without equal, he has inspired, amazed and taught many of his fellow musicians. His insight into jug band music is almost spooky. This man is supremely worthy of admission into the Hall of Fame.
This world lost Bill Hinkley on May 25th, 2010.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Bill Hinkley Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Jug, Mandolin, Voice 09/28/42 05/25/10 Minneapolis, MN


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