Ffilharmonious Jug Band

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Time period: Post-WWII

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In late 1965 Brits Pete Ballan and Doug Kyle joined with Americans Jeff Wilson and Jim Johnson to form the Ffilharmonious Jug Band. Both Kyle and Johnson had been fans of the groups such as the Jim Kweskin Jug Band for several years so when they met up at the Coach and Horses pub at the weekly folk club there, it was natural for them to get together. Ballan also performed traditional British folk songs at the club and Wilson was playing in a folk music duet with Johnson.

The band began playing around the southern and central UK folk club circuit and at a number of UK Universities generally in a concert format. They had a following which remains until this day (2010).

In 1967 the group recorded an LP at Pinner Studios in London which sold out in a few months. No more albums were ever pressed. Songs on the album include, Mobile Line, Alberta, Sadie Green, Why Don't Women Like Me?, Rag Mama, Blues My Naughty Sweet Gives to Me, Houston, The Doctor Sez (Give 'em Jug Band Music), and Ukulele Lady.

Ballan, Johnson and Kyle are still in contact but Wilson has slipped off into obscurity.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Pete Ballan a.k.a. "Beard" Harmonica, Kazoo, Spoons, Voice, Washboard
Jim Johnson a.k.a. "Dr. Jug" Banjo, Guitar, Jug, Kazoo, Mandolin, Spoons, Voice, Washtub Bass 08/14/44
Doug Kyle Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Jug, Kazoo, Mandolin, Voice
Jeff Wilson a.k.a. "Stretch" Guitar, Jug, Kazoo, Mandolin, Voice, Washtub Bass


Title Recorded  
Alberta London, UK
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me London, UK
Button Up Your Overcoat London, UK
Everybody Loves My Baby London, UK
Give Em' Jug Band Music London, UK
Houston London, UK
Mobile Line London, UK
Rag Mama London, UK
Sadie Green the Vamp of New Orleans London, UK
Stealin' Stealin' London, UK
Take It Slow and Easy London, UK
Ukulele Lady London, UK
Why Don't Women Like Me London, UK