Fritz Richmond

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Consummate performer with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band through the 1960s, Fritz defined Jug and Washtub bass playing during the so called "Jug Band Revival" of the 1960s. Additionally, Fritz had an agile mind and the soul of an inventor. He went on to play some amazing Jug and Washtub Bass with John Sebastian's "J-Band" and competed finally at the Minneapolis Battle of the Jug Band with a pick up Jug Band. Fritz was a respected recording engineer and music producer and a number of musicians owe a great deal to his abilities and talents. Sadly, we lost Fritz to Cancer in 2005. He will forever be remembered by the Jug Band Revival set as the world's greatest Jug and Washtub Bass virtuoso.

Oh... And he also invented the "Granny Glasses" so popular with the folk and hippie scene of the 1960s and 1970s.

Fritz Richmond (John B. Richmond) (July 10, 1939-November 20, 2005)
Played washtub bass with Richard & Mimi at the Sunday Afternoon New Folks concert at the Newport Folk Festival of 1965. Some of the recordings are included on Memories. Background-- Fritz played jug and washtub bass in the Charles River Valley Boys and then in Jim Kweskin's Jug Band, and backed up many other musicians at Club 47. After Kweskin broke up the Jug Band in 1967, Fritz became an engineer for Elektra. He continued to perform with Geoff Muldaur, John Sebastian, and others. He died of lung cancer in 2005. His washtub bass is displayed at the Smithsonian.



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