Devil In a Woodpile / Sanctified Grumblers

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Chicago has seen a revival of jug band music in the last few years, but Devil in a Woodpile has been playing authentic jug band music for a dedicated fan base since the mid-1990's.

After befriending Chicago resident and delta blues legend David "Honeyboy" Edwards, the first version of Devil in a Woodpile started playing backup for him, and they still do occasionally. But the band become most famous for its weekly residency at the Hideout in Chicago, where they set up in a corner and belt out country blues and jug band songs in a classic juke-joint style -- no stage, no lights, no amplification.

The group has had a few different bass and tuba players over the years, the one constant member being lead singer and harmonica player Rick Sherry. The biggest personnel change was the departure of guitarist Joel Paterson in 2009, which led to a hiatus, but the group reformed a year later with Eric Noden on guitar, and a new name, the Sanctified Grumblers.

The Hideout residency is back, too, so if you're in Chicago on a Tuesday night, do yourself a favor and check them out!

And yes, the group's original name comes from the Noah Lewis solo recording, "Devil In the Woodpile," which they recorded for their Division Street album in 2000.


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Name Instruments Birth Death
Eric Noden Guitar, Kazoo, Voice
Joel Paterson Guitar, Kazoo, Voice
Tom Ray Upright Bass
Beau Sample Upright Bass
Gary Schepers Tuba
Rick Sherry a.k.a. "Cookin Sherry" Clarinet, Harmonica, Jug, Voice, Washboard


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