Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions

Category: Artist
Time period: Post-WWII

Date nominated: Aug 20, 2011
Date inducted: Sep 1, 2013
Ratings: 6
Average rating: 3.93

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This group was the forerunner of the rock band "Grateful Dead" and featured musicians who later became seminal performers in other bands and genres. Most especially the group produced Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - founding members of the famed Grateful Dead band.

Though jug band historians have long known of the band, it recorded only once in 1964 during the jug band revival. That recording has only recently resurfaced, been remastered and released (1999) as an LP and eventually CD. Since the release it has become extremely hard to find other than at collectors prices and may be out of print.

The list of 17 songs on the live recording includes many jug band standards of the day and many pre-war standards as well.



Name Instruments Birth Death
Mike Garbett Guitar, Kazoo, Washtub Bass
Jerome Garcia a.k.a. "Jerry" Banjo, Guitar, Kazoo, Voice 08/01/42 08/09/95
Ron McKernan a.k.a. "Pigpen" Harmonica, Voice 09/08/45 03/08/73
Dave Parker Kazoo, Voice, Washboard
Tom Stone Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Voice
Robert Weir a.k.a. "Bob" Guitar, Jug, Kazoo, Voice, Washtub Bass 10/16/47


Title Recorded  
Ain't it Crazy
Beat It On Down The Line
Beedle Um Bum
Big Fat Woman
Boo Break
Boodle Am Shake
Cocaine Habit Blues
Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
In The Jail House Now
My Gal
On The Road Again
Overseas Stomp
Shake That Thing
The Monkey and the Engineer
Yes She Do, No She Don't