Washboard Slim and the Blue Lights

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Drawing on a wide variety of traditional music forms, the Bluelights have created a new musical style respecting equally the past and present. A typical Bluelights performance might include original music, early jazz, blues, swing, standards, jug band, gospel, pop music from the turn of the century and roots rockâ??nâ??roll. Starting in 1986, they continue to perform at festivals, concerts and clubs through out North America. Their most recent triumph was to win the 2008 State of CT Blues Challenge and the opportunity to represent their state in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee.

The group began as the Ten Years Late Jug Band started by Menta and Horn in 1976 and has been in existance ever since. Legendary folk/blues artist Eric Von Schmidt has called them: â??Absolutely the best since Kweskin's Jug Band in the sixties. Traditional music in overdrive.â?

The band has recorded two CDs which include a variety of traditional jug band songs along with some quality originals. The CDs are: "Washboard Slim and the Blue Lights" - now hard to find - and their 2006 offering "Rub That Rhythm".



Name Instruments Birth Death
Brooks Barnett Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Voice
Cynthia Fabian Kazoo, Voice, Washboard
Howard Horn Banjo, Jug, Voice, Washtub Bass
Mat Kastner Banjo, Guitar
Peter Menta a.k.a. "Washboard Slim" Harmonica, Kazoo, Voice, Washboard


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