Birmingham Jug Band

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Check out "Giving It Away" for an early version of a song that would become known as "The Rub":

Mama's got the rub board, papa's got the tub
Sister's got the whiskey and brother's got the jug

The Birmingham Jug Band was a hokum blues ensemble that recorded nine songs for Okeh Records in Atlanta, Georgia from December 10-19, 1930. The membership of the group is largely unknown, but may have included Jaybird Coleman on harmonica, Big Joe Williams on guitar, "Bogus Blind" Ben Covington, Dr Ross, One-Armed Dave, Honeycup on jug and New Orleans Slide on washboard.

Songs recorded by the group include "Bill Wilson" (to the tune of "John Henry"), "Big Road Blues", "Birmingham Blues", "Cane Break Blues", "German Blues", "Getting Ready for Trial", "Giving It Away", "Kicking Mule Blues" and "Wild Cat Squawl". The band was known for its free-wheeling and raucous style.-Burgin Mathews


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Title Recorded  
Airplane Blues 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Bill Wilson 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Birmingham Blues 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Cane Brake Blues 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
German Blues 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Gettin' Ready for Trial 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Giving It Away 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Kickin' Mule Blues 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA
Wild Cat Squall 12/11/30 Atlanta, GA