Minneapolis Battle of the Jug Bands: Personal Stories

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Jul 23, 2010

Shame on Arlo for perpetuating this albeit charming story of the late arrival of the waffle iron. Or at least for the idea that winners might ever enjoy a pancake "breakfast" courtesy of this iron. When iron returned to Chicago with the 2007 winners(where it had been manufactured as the "Holliwood" model) we held a triumphant Victory Waffling at the Old Town School of Folk Music. The occasion was a concert night, and the audience was invited. To handle the crowd, we had a 1950 waffle ircon to share the load. In fact, the 1950 iron carried the entire load; in 2 1/2 hours, the Holliwood produced one waffle, barely browned and the texture of dried gum. Each bamd member dutifully chewed a small piece, doubting that this was really the taste of victory.

So the "delay" part may well be in accord with truth, but I question the term "breakfast."


Apr 13, 2010

The prize for the Minneapolis Battle of the Jug Bands is a traveling trophy, an antique but still-functioning waffle iron on top of which the names of each year's winners are engraved. The waffle iron is usually displayed on a velvet pillow at the front of the stage during the battle, but one year it arrived several hours late. Apparently the previous year's winners made one last waffle breakfast before the show, then had to wait for it to cool before they could clean it up and bring it to the event!