Jed Davenport and His Beale Street Jug Band

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Time period: Pre-WWII

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Date inducted: Sep 1, 2021
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Jed Davenport's jug band only had one recording session, but it laid a few tracks that jug bands still play today, including "You Ought to Move Out of Town."

This group had close associations with blues superstar Memphis Minnie -- her husband and brother-in-law, Joe and Charlie McCoy, played in the group -- and she may have as well. Compare the shouted "Yeah, uh-huh" in every verse of "Save Me Some" to similar shouts on Minnie's own recordings!



Name Instruments Birth Death
Henry L. Castle a.k.a. "Too Tight" Guitar
Jed Davenport Harmonica
Charlie McCoy a.k.a. "Papa Charlie" Mandolin 05/26/11 Hinds County, MS 07/26/50 Chicago, IL
Joe McCoy a.k.a. "Kansas Joe" Guitar 05/11/05 Hinds County, MS 01/28/50 Chicago, IL


Title Recorded  
Save Me Some 02/20/30 Memphis, TN Chords and Lyrics
You Ought to Move Out of Town 02/20/30 Memphis, TN Chords and Lyrics